Wolf of Wall Street Comes to Cayman

The infamous and reformed ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Jordan Belfort will be the keynote speaker at the 2013 Cayman Captive Forum.

Some may consider Belfort an interesting choice – he is the epitome of a ‘bad character’ and has done all of the things that in the Cayman Islands we stand most strongly against.  But, Jordon’s story is a bit different and ultimately, it has a happy ending and a message.

Jordan Belfort’s story is a wild ride of his $1 million per week earnings, the extravagant lifestyle that went with it and his eventual two years in jail for securities fraud, which translated well into a best-selling book and a major motion picture staring Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConnaughey and directed by Martin Scorsese.

Faced with the pain he brought to so many people through the $200 million he swindled, Belfort has cleaned up his life; he has committed 100% of the royalties of his book and the movie to compensate the wronged investors

“Success in the absence of ethics and integrity is not success… it’s failure” said Jordan Belfort.  He takes this message on the road, speaking to groups – from large corporates to mid-sized companies on the creation of wealth, abundance and entrepreneurial success with integrity.

Said Seamus Tivenan, Cayman Captive Forum co-chair “Selecting the keynote speaker at our annual Cayman Captive Forum is an important decision.  We want someone who is charismatic – someone with experience in business and someone with a fascinating story to tell”.  

Well, he does have that.  But as Erin Brosnihan, co-chair with Seamus points out “It is Jordan’s brutal honesty about his mistakes and his efforts to repay his debts, alongside his obvious entrepreneurial nature, that make him an ideal speaker.”  And there is no doubt that the launch of the movie literally days before the Cayman Captive Forum will create a bit of a buzz about the place.